On the Road 5 Benefits of Becoming a Truck DriverWhen thinking about a career, most people think about sitting in front of a computer at a desk. While this is okay for some people, others want more adventure. When conjuring up prospects, it is wise to think of a truck driver job. Here are five benefits of becoming a tow truck driver.

Easy to get in:

While it is not that easy to pass truck driving school, it is shorter than going to a four-year college. In fact, when heading to a driving school like North Shore Driving School Ltd., a premier driving school in Vancouver, you can finish quickly and get out on the road. This is a great option for a person who wants to start making money immediately.

Great pay:

When working behind the wheel, you can make a serious living. In fact, people who drive often make more than professionals who work in a cubicle. Not only that, if you work hard and find a great company, you can enjoy great long-term career prospects.


Without a doubt, when you become a truck driver, you will have a host of options. In reality, you can start your own firm, get paid by the mile or work for a large corporation that pays an hourly rate. Either way, in trucking, there is something for everyone, and you should take advantage of that by choosing the best option.

Hard to outsource:

There are plenty of high paying jobs that people love to take. Sadly, many corporations now send those jobs to other countries where labor costs are lower. This is the sad reality that many in programming and other fields face. This is not the case for truck driver as it is impossible to send this task overseas. For this reason, if you want a stable and solid career, you should sign up for truck drying classes.

Needed now and in the future:

The world will need truck drivers for a long time. Think about it, unless the world changes, we will need truckers to deliver food and other supplies. Since most people love to buy items from all over the country, a long-haul trucker should have no trouble finding work now and in the future. Remember, when looking for a great career, you must think of the long-term.

Simply put, if you want a solid career choice, you should had to trucking school. When doing so, you can learn a valuable skill that will help you earn a solid living for a long time.

Salvador FiguerosYou’ve vetted the field, conducted interviews, and found the perfect business coach. Now what? Identify and tackle your biggest business frustrations. It may be tempting to start small, by bringing lesser concerns to your coach, but we strongly advise against this.

Tackle your toughest situations first, to improve business processes and spur growth. Doing so will create momentum, and motivate you and your team to keep striving for improvement.

Business coaches help business owners define and eliminate major hassles. Because it’s hard for any human to take an honest look at what’s not going well, most business leaders need help looking problems directly in the eye. An exceptional business coach will speed that process, letting the business owner get back to work quickly and minimizing wasted time.

With that said, here are a few of the most common large-scale problems that business owners struggle with, and that business coaches can help leaders overcome.

Common Challenges Small Businesses Face

The Challenge: Quality Control and Consistency in the Customer Experience.

Whether you call it customer engagement, customer service, or quality control, the bottom line is that every successful business needs turnkey systems to ensure the brand promise is consistently delivered to customers. Who determines the excellence of your operations? Your customers. Business coaches can help companies create systems for monitoring and improving the customer experience.

Strategic Solutions: Each business coaching firm will have its own systems for quality control. At EMyth, we use the Quality Management Cycle, which includes 8 ongoing steps gathering objective customer experience information and applying it to improve the customer experience.

The Challenge: Recognizing and Applying your Leadership Weaknesses, as Well as Strengths.

It’s obvious that a business coach should be able to help business owners harness their own strengths. Perhaps you’re talented at seeing the big picture, and the connections between departments and employees. Or perhaps your enthusiasm is what drives your team. But true transformation only occurs when business owners also focus on their own weaknesses. What about your leadership style tends to hinder progress? Perhaps you’re fantastic at flexible thinking, but unable to properly focus on the details of process. A business coach can help you evaluate your weaknesses, and find ways to counterbalance them.

Strategic Solutions: Ideally, a business coaching service will have a tried and true system for improving business processes. Our “Transforming Frustrations into Solutions” guide lays out EMyth’s approach to systems improvement. In this guide, we empower leaders to uncover patterns—including their own weaknesses—that are the root cause of business frustrations. At the same time, a coach must recognize that each business transformation is a personal, unique process.

The Challenge: Transitioning toward Sustainable Growth.

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in daily operations, and completely lose sight of long-term growth. Business coaches can provide the objective perspective that business owners need to develop realistic growth priorities. Where do you want your business to go in the next year, five years, and ten years? Your business coach can help you define your dreams and set a course for making them a reality.

Strategic Solutions: Again, each business coaching firm will have its own system for envisioning and manifesting growth. We offer the EMyth Annual Plan to help business owners develop growth plans, create success metrics, and keep employees and leaders accountable for progress.

Procrastination only stalls growth. Once you’ve hired a business coach, don’t dilly-dally with second-tier concerns. Take on the big problems early for the biggest results.

About The Author

Jed Bickford is the Director of Marketing at EMyth, the global leader in transformational business coaching. With business coaches located around the world, small and medium sized businesses can connect with a certified coach to grow their business.

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